Even Better

Mug Cake

Craving a decadent dessert but also wanting something quick and healthy? This chocolatey cake mix mug cake recipe is for you! 


Simple  Ingredients

this recipe is egg free, oil free and can be made gluten free with gluten free cake mix.

Inexpensive and family friendly

Why You'll Love this Recipe: 

-2 Ingredients -Single Serve -Microwaves under 1 minute -So delicious! -Boost of Nutrients


Spoon in dish

Mix ingredients

super fast

no  mess

Customize your cake

Craving something even sweeter ? Or maybe the kids want to decorate their own?  You can frost, top with whipped cream and candies, sprinkles or dried fruit and nuts

Do you like easy and Healhty?

3 ingredient Cherry Berry Ice Cream

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